Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Week

The first week was fairly tough to actually practice. Following the right thought is the hardest part for me. It is so hard to not fall deep into anger when I think about certain things. I try my hardest not go into those negative thoughts, and sometimes it is to no avail. For example if somebody brings up somebody who I really can't stand, I try to look through the situation without falling deeper and deeper into my anger towards that person. I don't think anger is particularly bad for a person, but I do believe its far to easy for us to become subject to becoming easy. So how do we stop being angry with somebody? We let it go. Letting things that upset and anger us is one of hardest things for me, and I have a feeling I am not alone, to do.

So, for this week, I am going to let certain things go. I am going to release my grip and stop holding on so tightly to what used to matter so much. It makes me more of a bitter person. That does not mean things will go back to the way they were before each grudge I hold started, it means that I myself will have peace with a few issues in my mind that bother me.

Wish me luck.